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  • Designing Culture? Corporate Coworking, Part II

    Within the past week we have begun sharing our vision for how we want to extend the coworking experience ‘beyond coworking.’  What we are calling corporate coworking is elsewhere referred to as Activity Based Work (ABW), but it is really more than that.  At the heart of this is culture.  Our growing passion is to […]

  • Howdy Corporate Coworking- Part I

    A Bit About the Journey to Corporate Coworking This is the first in a five part series on corporate coworking here at Conjunctured,  We have been in the kitchen now for quite some time, and are starting to take some goodies out of the oven. Over the past couple of years we have been exploring […]

  • Progress

    Howdy coworking fans, It’s been two months since our grand opening party and about six months since we began bringing together the necessary pieces to create a central space for the community to come together. We love that we can provide a place for people to meet, work alone together or work together on projects […]

  • 7 geeky things I love about coworking

    One of the coolest things about coworking to me personally is seeing how others manage their workflow and taking the things I learn and integrating them into my own methods. Call me crazy geeky, but here some of little things that I love that I’ve experienced at Conjunctured so far: Taking a glance at how […]

  • Conjunctured gets an east side history lesson.

    Note: This post was originally written in 2008. On Jan 2, 2010 Ms. Cisneros passed away in Austin. May she rest in peace.  When we were featured in Omar Gallaga‘s Statesman article last Sunday on coworking along with LaunchPad Coworking and Caroline Collective, we had no idea of the interest we would garner from the Life & […]

  • InnovationCamp Official After Party at Conjunctured

    Conjunctured is a sponsor of InnovationCamp today, right here in our own backyard.What you may not have known, though, is that we’re also the official after party location of iCamp! If you’re planning on becoming a member of Austin’s first coworking space, this would be a great time to walk around and check us out […]

  • The “super secret party” from last night…

    At 3PM on June 23, 2008 we got approval from the owner of a property in east Austin we’ve been in negotiations over for a couple of weeks. At 5PM on June 23, 2008 we sent a message to a few people over the messaging network Twitter about having a sneak preview and some champagne […]

  • Not scouring the city for a space anymore…

    Many of you may have noticed the inactivity in David, Dusty, John and my Twitter feeds lately.At times, this can mean really bad or really good things.As of today, we’ve officially stopped our search for a coworking space in Austin. As I’m writing this right now, I have the keys in my hand to Austin’s […]

  • Scouring the city for a space, part 2.

    In case we haven’t talked to you in person recently (at Austin Startup Drinks perhaps?), it turns out we lost the space at 501 Studios within 24 hours.We were really excited about the space and losing it was a huge learning experience.Ultimately, though, it just fired us up to keep on truckin’ and find the […]

  • Scouring the city for a space.

    It’s about time for an update. The past few weeks have been spent looking at potential coworking spaces in Austin.Late last week we came across a spot in the 501 Studios complex, most notably the home of Progress Coffee and tons of other cool companies just east of downtown Austin.We were excited about being a […]