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  • Conjunctured says “howdy.”

    Man, how much more can we play into the whole Texas thing?I’m the one who always says that Austin should be at the point where it’s known as just “Austin” the way New York and San Francisco don’t need state references.BUT, I digress. Here’s a video I made while John and I were driving around […]

  • Coworking space!

    While on the hunt for office space, we decided it would be better to live in a coworking space like Indy Hall or New Work City. Do you like coworking? Take the survey! | | _|_ /___ /_____ /oo oo ___________________________ C /___________________________/ `———–|——|——–_____/——–|——|———–‘ (J)(J) O|OOo|oOO|O (J)(J) ::this drop J311Y B0mbz! — J311Y JET PLANE!!!:: […]