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  • The Real Artisan Economy

    By Drew Jones Earlier today we visited several working studios in Arroyo Seco, NM, in between the town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley. Within this smallest of hamlets, there are numerous working potters, weavers, and craft brewers who are making a living working directly with their hands. Over the past several years I have […]

  • Far Beyond the Cubicle

    By Drew Jones On Thursday of last week I was fortunate enough to participate in a panel discussion about the future of work and corporate coworking at Workspring in Chicago. Using my new book, The Fifth Age of Work, as a jumping off point, we had a panel of some really amazing folks threading together […]

  • ‘Leading the Generations’ & More…

    By Drew Jones Thanks go out to Texas CEO Magazine for running my article, “Leading the Generations,” in their Jan/Feb. issue. Also, Sharon Shinn of BizEd Magazine wrote an insightful review of The Fifth Age of Work in the Bookshelf section of their current issue. I appreciate that as well. Finally, thanks to David Coleman […]

  • The Leadership Self

    By Drew Jones In his book, Modernity and Self Identity, Anthony Giddens explores the various ways that individuals maintain a cohesive sense of self in a post-modern world. The collapse/disappearance of traditional cultural systems all around us creates uncertainty and anxiety, within which we have fewer and fewer reliable islands where we can call home. […]

  • What Would You Say You Do Here?

    By Drew Jones Over the past decade, Roger Martin has written prolifically about how the principles and methods of design thinking(DT) are transforming the way some companies are being managed. Key among the insights from DT is the simple yet challenging observation that in today’s high-performance firms, top talent is almost always engaged in tangible […]

  • It Starts with Strategy

    By Drew Jones In conversations with fellow organizational consultants, I often hear that their engagements with their clients are, primarily, supportive in nature. That is, they are there to help that company achieve its strategic goals, whatever those might be. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, perhaps not. First, many firms (the clients) can be rather […]

  • I Can’t Prove It

    Several years ago, at the Transform Innovation Summit at the Mayo Clinic, Roger Martin gave a moving talk about what kills and what drives innovation.  In the talk, which he called a rant, he suggested that the two words- prove and it- when used together, are innovation killers.  He provided several powerful examples in the talk, which I recommend that everyone […]

  • So Much for Science and Rationality

    On the opening day (11/7/13) of its IPO, Twitter shares (TWTR) traded up from its offer price of $26/share to $45/share.  By contrast, Facebook (FB) opened (5/12/13) at $42/share and promptly began to train downward for many months.  Facebook has since then been trading up for several months ($47 today), which is indeed good to […]

  • The Lonely Frontier

    It is cliche to say, but change is never easy.  The kinds of organizational changes I am advocating in my new book- The Fifth Age of Work– are far from easy.  The comfort of familiarity and tradition should never be underestimated.  Established tradition and known routines make the world easier to understand and navigate.  Yet, established […]

  • What is Leadership Today?

    Today my new book- The Fifth Age of Work– has finally arrived.  In the book I outline the various points of convergence between the growing world of freelancers and small businesses, on the one hand, and a rapidly transforming corporate world, on the other.  For firms interested in thriving in the Fifth Age, as opposed to […]