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  • How to Research your Local Coworking Market: 3 Key Indicators to Analyze

    Are you exploring the market research process of launching a new coworking business in your local area? We often hear the question: How do I know if my local area is a good place to launch a coworking business? Is there a demand for coworking in my area? In order to do some of the […]

  • So, you want to Start a Coworking Space? 6 helpful strategy components to think about

    [stag_divider style=”plain”] The Coworking Industry is Booming! It’s not too late to build your own coworking space. In fact, now is a better time than ever before. Before you buy a building or lease a space, though, it’s important to do your own research first. Below are some of the most popular pieces of the […]

  • Corporate Coworking – Managing the Great Transition

    Coworking began as a framework for freelancers and startups to gain access to a productive work environment. Fast forward ten years… Corporate firms look to embrace the coworking ethos in order to revitalize company culture and employee experience. Introducing Corporate Coworking – a framework for the ‘great transition.’ As a coworking workplace strategy firm, we […]

  • Finding the right coworking operator for your real estate project

    We just published a new landing page, Coworking Operator Services, which outlines some of the components to consider in choosing the right coworking operator. We elaborate a bit on the components below: Coworking Staffing Coworking Technology Coworking Space Allocation Coworking Target Market As coworking industry has evolved, so has the necesseity for successful coworking operators to evolve […]

  • Invest in Coworking

    How do I invest in coworking? We often hear from many people in conversations that ask us, “how do I get in on the success of the coworking movement?” Every week we see new headlines in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and local papers around the world that detail the latest expansion efforts […]

  • Optimize Real Estate Portfolio – Invest in Coworking Industry

    The world of commercial real estate is evolving. No longer are real estate investors simply doing business as they did in the past. With disruption and innovation happening at alarming (and opportunistic) rates, now is the time to make decision for the future. Asset owners are often trying to optimize the future strategy of their […]

  • Hotel Coworking – an emerging trend in the Hospitality Industry

    Hotels Evolve: Enter Coworking The trend is still emerging, yet innovative players in the industry are quickly experimenting with ‘activating their lobbies.’  Why has the coworking trend reached the hotel world?  Coworking can help create a fully integrated ecosystem within a building, whether it is a hotel, residence, or office building. It appeals to guests […]

  • Coworking is for company employees, too.

    Companies and employees have both begun to hear the buzz around coworking… And now there is a experimental methodology for companies interested in stepping into the coworking waters. OpenWork Agency has recently published an article outlining a program that helps company employers incorporate the coworking model into their existing workplace strategy. Read it here: Coworking for […]

  • The Coworking Industry: Then, Now, and Tomorrow

    The OpenWork Agency has published a new coworking white paper entitled The Coworking Industry: Then, Now, and Tomorrow. (OpenWork was founded two years ago by two Conjunctured partners.) Here are some excerpts from each section of this 15 page report. If you want to read the whole thing in full, simply download the full Coworking Industry […]

  • Conjunctured house closing its doors. Going #Nomatik to open coworking model into greater society

    Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space and one of the original coworking spaces in the world, will be closing its doors at the end of August. Conjunctured first pioneered the coworking movement in Austin six years ago, when coworking was a brand new concept. Over the years, Conjunctured has explored expansion several times. In 2010 the […]